Something For the Weekend 2015

This year we tried something new, instead of having the contest the first weekend after the clocks went back we saved it until the summer, this meant much better weather and even more daylight hours, but it also meant a lot of SFTW regulars were doing other events.

All the videos this year are of a great standard and well worth a watch!

It is recommended you watch all the videos in HD and at full screen!

You can vote once a day for your favourite overall and best edit/filming.

Finer Side


14.01 Skateboard Co.


Don't Rain


Bob Gnarly and the Crailers


Team Just Three Sixty


Team Netflix and Chill



2014's SFTW videos:


Dan Lilley, Curtis Scorey, Darren Tate, Phil Sproul, Jamie Platt


2. Rock N Roll Gangsters

Craig Ayling, Chris Dale, Duke Fay.


3. Team Airbourne

Harry King, Jamie Boder, Harvey Clements, Sam Robson + guests



Lee Roy Cooper Adam Randall Louis Pulford Jamie Smith



Ross Gilmour Adam Ellard Carlton Hooper Callum Rosenberg



Jordan Coolbear, Alex May, Alex Wiltshire, Josh Gilroy.


7. Woody Wood Pushers

Sam Hopkins, Aaron Roche, John Williamson, Dominic Grimes.


8. Team Name

Jak Tonge, Pete Johns, Charlie Smith, Matthew Simmons.


9. Carlos

Lewy Channer, Sammy Bull, Will Luu, Jack Dickinson, Jacob Kitchen and Dexter Mathurine...


10. Head First

Skating: Luke Jones Camera: Andi Hampton & Greg Lindley Edit: Andi Hampton www.family-creative.co.uk


11. !PLECK

James Almond, Sam Pidgley, Harry Brown and Alex Green.


12. Antiques

Liam Mckee, Alex Langshaw and Kiz Bartlett.


13. Lonely Freestyler

Simon Trigell.


14. Tinhouse Proper Common.

Rob Harris, Justin Davies, Gav Swaffield, Jack Short.


15. Tre Amigos

Matthew Spark, Felipe Camargo, Nigel Whale, Lewis Bowers.


16. Extreme Secret Agents

Rob Safe, Jerome Coquerelle, James Giddings, Ant Barsi.


17. Team C.A.T.

James Needham, Jason Cloete, Joe Paget, Jono Wyborne + GOOSE!


So thats it! Choose which video you think is worthy of your votes and remember you can vote once a day up until Sunday 27th April!

Whats all this about?!

Something For The Weekend is an annual competition I started back in 2008, now for its 7th year SFTW has found a new home at Clay.

This year it took place on 5th/6th of April, and the following weekend as more than half the weekend was wet, the basic premise of the comp is that teams of four or less get a whole weekend to skate and film anywhere in Southampton and its boroughs, then get a further week to put together an edited video, then all the videos get voted on.

Each year has seen more and more people enter, and the level of skating has got better and better.

This year we have support from some of the raddest independent brands: Traffic, Pass-Port, ScumCo and Caste.

Have a look at a few of the best past years entries below: